Our Services

Other tax services

1. Filling out the forms for individuals (JOPPD form, TU and TI questionnaire, RPO form, DOH form, P-PDV form, PPN form, Request for OIB issue)

2. Initial applications (P-PDV form, IU-IP form, Request for OIB issue)

3. Obtaining the approval of the Ministry of Construction for performing construction works on the territory of the Republic of Croatia

4. Administrative support - company or subsidiary establishment:

  • consulting on tax matters from the client's business
  • OIB number opening
  • coordination with a public notary, submitting required documents to the Commercial Court
  • coordination with the bank
  • submission of the initial application to the CNB
  • submission of initial application to the Tax Administration
  • opening the VAT ID number at the Tax Administration
  • additional services

5. Administrative support - obtaining permission for temporary and occasional construction activities in the Republic of Croatia

6. Company headquarters (only for permanent clients)