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Objections, complaints and filing a lawsuit

The conclusion in tax inspection is a tax act that decides on individual rights and obligations. The conclusion corresponds within the prescribed deadline by submitting the requested documents that may be submited by an authorized tax advisor.

Record of tax audit and filing of complaints - tax audit record is a tax document listing all the actions, evidence and established facts. Tax advisor compiles the Complaint to the Record defending the client's interests within the legal capacity.  

Solution to tax inspection and writing complaints - A tax settlement solution is a tax act that is issued when irregularities in the calculation, evidence, registration and payment are found. If there is a basis tax advisor writes an appeal.

Second-instance solution and writing a lawsuit - After a second-instance tax solution that ended negatively with a taxpayer, a tax advisor participates in filing a lawsuit and thereby initiates an administrative dispute with the competent Administrative Court.

Writing all other submissions in accordance with the General Tax Act and the General Administrative Procedure Act.